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last changeFri, 27 Jun 2014 12:24:35 +0000 (14:24 +0200)
2014-06-27 Jens KriegAdded MODULES_OVERRIDE statically to Makefile. master p/jkrieg/master
2014-06-16 Anton EisenbraunAdded topo file. Kernel config now ignored in git. p/anton.e/master p/sechting/master
2014-06-05 Jens Kriegadded new topo files.
2014-05-26 Jens KriegMerge branch 'p/anton.e/master' of git:projects/modsche...
2014-05-26 Jens KriegAdded some files to FBSD owned by MOD_SCHED FW.
2014-04-09 Anton EisenbraunClneaned up several files
2014-02-28 Jens KriegAdded fw->os locking layer.
2014-02-26 Jens KriegFreeBSD booting with FW. (see FW commit)
2014-01-27 Jens KriegMerge branch 'p/anton.e/master' of git:projects/modsche...
2014-01-27 Anton EisenbraunFinal version with thread locking.
2014-01-27 Jens KriegCorrected a failure using thread_lock/thread_unlock.
2014-01-27 Jens KriegReplaced further thread locks. Still not running.
2014-01-21 Jens KriegReplaced thread_lock by interrupt disable. Not working!!!
2014-01-09 Jens KriegReplaces sched_ule.c with modsched framework.
2014-01-08 Jens KriegStripped the schedule even further. Booting with FW.
2014-01-08 Jens KriegFreeBSD boots with modified FW RR-scheduler.
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5 years ago p/anton.e/temp
6 years ago p/jkrieg/master
6 years ago master
6 years ago p/sechting/master
6 years ago p/anton.e/master
6 years ago p/jkrieg/kbs_fbsd