2016-03-23 Anton EisenbraunMerge branch 'p/anton.e/temp_hss' of git:projects/modsc... p/anton.e/temp_hss
2016-01-25 Anton Eisenbraunbackup
2015-10-21 Anton Eisenbraunbackup removed my load elf function, since they all...
2015-10-20 Anton Eisenbraunbackup removed code which was moved to fw
2015-10-19 Anton Eisenbraunbackup removed linker file dependency
2015-10-17 Anton Eisenbraunbackup adapted linux relocation to freebsd. most of...
2015-10-16 Anton Eisenbraunbackup ksyms lookup works.
2015-10-12 Anton Eisenbraunbackup ksyms
2015-10-11 Anton Eisenbraunbackup
2015-10-10 Anton EisenbraunMoved allocation of module loading to framework.
2015-10-08 Anton EisenbraunRemoved part of load_elf_file func.
2015-09-30 Anton EisenbraunFirst step towards linux and fbsd module loading merging.
2015-09-29 Anton EisenbraunChanged new syscall prototype.
2015-09-29 Anton EisenbraunThis is a backup commit. There are a lot of prints...
2014-06-27 Jens KriegAdded MODULES_OVERRIDE statically to Makefile. master p/jkrieg/master
2014-06-16 Anton EisenbraunAdded topo file. Kernel config now ignored in git. p/anton.e/master p/sechting/master
2014-06-05 Jens Kriegadded new topo files.
2014-05-26 Jens KriegMerge branch 'p/anton.e/master' of git:projects/modsche...
2014-05-26 Jens KriegAdded some files to FBSD owned by MOD_SCHED FW.
2014-04-09 Anton EisenbraunClneaned up several files
2014-02-28 Jens KriegAdded fw->os locking layer.
2014-02-26 Jens KriegFreeBSD booting with FW. (see FW commit)
2014-01-27 Jens KriegMerge branch 'p/anton.e/master' of git:projects/modsche...
2014-01-27 Anton EisenbraunFinal version with thread locking.
2014-01-27 Jens KriegCorrected a failure using thread_lock/thread_unlock.
2014-01-27 Jens KriegReplaced further thread locks. Still not running.
2014-01-21 Jens KriegReplaced thread_lock by interrupt disable. Not working!!!
2014-01-09 Jens KriegReplaces sched_ule.c with modsched framework.
2014-01-08 Jens KriegStripped the schedule even further. Booting with FW.
2014-01-08 Jens KriegFreeBSD boots with modified FW RR-scheduler.
2013-12-17 Jens KriegAdded fw_task to thread structure.
2013-12-13 Jens KriegSched_ule.c is the best!
2013-12-13 Jens KriegI love sched_ule.c.
2013-12-13 Jens KriegAnd again... fixed sched_ule.c.
2013-12-13 Jens KriegFixed broken sched_ule.c
2013-12-12 Jens KriegAdded global scheduler functions of linux and FreeBSD... p/jkrieg/kbs_fbsd
2013-12-11 Jens KriegOS -> FW: All OS depended functions will be placed...
2013-12-11 Jens KriegStructure again changed. FBSD not running!
2013-12-10 Anton EisenbraunRemoved debug directory and made minor changes in sourc...
2013-12-09 Jens KriegMerged current BertOS progress into new directory struc...
2013-11-26 Anton EisenbraunAdded framework files.
2013-11-26 Jens KriegFinal changes.
2013-11-26 Jens KriegSMP running without balancing. Idle and general tasks...
2013-11-20 Jens KriegSmp boots faster.
2013-11-20 Jens KriegSingle core works. SMP thread stealing works as well...
2013-11-18 Jens KriegGot rid of priorities.
2013-11-13 Jens KriegFurther striped down of the kernel.
2013-11-06 Anton EisenbraunRemoved load tracking, score calculation, priority...
2013-11-06 Anton EisenbraunFixed bug where idle task were placed in the wrong...
2013-11-05 Anton EisenbraunRemoved realtime runqueue and levels of still remaining...
2013-10-30 Anton EisenbraunAdded originals of the patched files and excluded amd64...
2013-10-30 Anton EisenbraunApplied patches to make compiling on gentoo fbsd possible.
2012-11-30 kensmithWe think we're ready for the 9.1-RELEASE builds.
2012-11-30 kensmithMerge r243708:
2012-11-30 hrsRemove stale documents.
2012-11-30 hrs- Bump versions and revert XML migration of the release...
2012-11-22 simonFix multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities with...
2012-11-10 eadlerMFC r242514:
2012-10-28 kensmithReady for 9.1-RC3...
2012-10-27 hrsMFC of r242187:
2012-10-27 hrsMFC of 240586 and 240587 to unbreak release building:
2012-10-24 kensmithUpdate branch tag from RELENG_9 to RELENG_9_1.
2012-10-24 kensmithUpdate for being on releng/9.1 (RELENG_9_1).
2012-10-24 kensmithMFC r241976: Add the release package directory for...
2012-10-21 mariusMFC: r241679
2012-10-20 delphijMFC r241753:
2012-10-11 gaborMFC r241096:
2012-10-10 delphijMFC r241414:
2012-10-02 glebiusMerge r240985 from head:
2012-10-01 mavMFC r240917:
2012-09-27 mavMFC r240884:
2012-09-26 kensmithReady for 9.1-RC2 builds.
2012-09-22 delphijMFC 240729 (dougb):
2012-09-20 delphijMFC r240079:
2012-09-19 gjb- Fix release notes build on releng/9.1 [1]
2012-09-19 jkimMFC: r240476
2012-09-18 emasteMFC r240412:
2012-09-18 emasteMFC r240410:
2012-09-17 glebiusMerge r238182 by theraven@:
2012-09-17 jimharrisMFC r240514:
2012-09-16 mavMFC r240465:
2012-09-12 mavMFC r240286:
2012-09-11 pjdMFC r226738:
2012-09-11 desMFH (r240107, r240111): warn against using these for...
2012-09-10 jpaetzelMFC r240315:
2012-09-10 baptMFC: r239663, r239664
2012-09-09 mmMFC r230454 (pjd):
2012-09-08 kibMFC r239125:
2012-09-08 kibMFC r232197 (by phk):
2012-09-07 bzMFC r238935,238960:
2012-09-07 bzMFC r238877-238878:
2012-09-07 mckayMFS r240157 (MFC r235638,r239348):
2012-09-06 tuexenMFC rr240007:
2012-09-06 jimharrisMFC r239889:
2012-09-06 desMFH (r239836): align the boot partition on a 4 kB boundary.
2012-08-29 jamieMFS r239854 (including MFC r239601, r239602, r239621):
2012-08-29 avgMFC r238418: acpi_cpu: separate a notion of current...
2012-08-28 fjoeMFC: r238933
2012-08-27 jimharrisMFC r239665:
2012-08-27 jimharrisMFC r239655: