2014-08-26 Paul Hueberadd FW_PRIORITY topic for priority queue module p/phueber/master
2014-08-26 Paul Hueberadd priority module for eCos
2014-08-15 Paul Hueberfixed null-pointer derefence in ecos/os.c
2014-08-13 sechtingfixed a bug in fw_list.c
2014-08-13 sechtingfixed fw_tlist_remove
2014-08-13 Paul Hueberkeeping up with OS-specific needs
2014-08-13 Paul Hueberadjust linker script to ecos
2014-08-13 Paul Hueberfix warning about improper function declaration
2014-08-07 Paul Huebercopy ld script from bertos
2014-08-07 Paul Hueberbreak cyclic dependencies
2014-08-07 Paul Hueberneeds stdarg.h for va_list
2014-07-30 Paul HueberMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-06-13 Anton EisenbraunMerge branch 'p/sechting/master' of git:projects/modsch... p/abusse/fw-devel
2014-06-13 sechtingMerge branch 'p/abusse/fw-devel' of git:projects/modsch...
2014-06-13 Anton EisenbraunMerge branch 'p/abusse/fw-devel' of git:projects/modsch...
2014-06-13 sechtingworks, most the time?
2014-06-13 Anselm Bussesimple (and ineffective) load balancer
2014-06-13 Anselm Busseminor bug fixes
2014-06-13 Anton EisenbraunSmall bug fix in fbsd locks.
2014-06-13 Anton EisenbraunMerge branch 'p/abusse/fw-devel' of git:projects/modsch...
2014-06-12 Anselm Bussebugfix
2014-06-12 sechtingthe great makeover of list.c and list.h
2014-06-12 sechtingremoved list->length field
2014-06-12 Anton EisenbraunAdapted freebsd to recent changes. Bug fix in fw.
2014-06-11 sechtingreimplemented fw_list_head functionalities
2014-06-10 Anselm BusseMerge commit 'c1643ca2c0669654b3ac97cab53a8ec3d4b4f5ca...
2014-06-05 sechtingbug fix
2014-06-05 Anselm Bussedistinguish between schedule and dispatch event
2014-06-05 sechtingklist for the topiclist
2014-06-05 sechtingfixed fw_get_entry()
2014-06-05 sechtingchanges in fw_list functions
2014-06-04 sechtingno more kernel list
2014-06-02 Jens KriegAdded topology specific header files.
2014-05-27 Jens KriegAdded missing file. p/jkrieg/trash
2014-05-27 Jens KriegImplemented load balancer module. Moved global ready...
2014-05-26 Jens KriegFW working again on FBSD.
2014-05-26 Jens KriegMerge commit '7b878fe' into p/jkrieg/master
2014-05-23 Jens Kriegreplaced old gdb 7.5 patch. this one works...
2014-05-22 Jens Kriegadded GDB 7.5 patch to repo.
2014-05-21 Anselm Busseintroduced instance ids
2014-05-21 Anselm Busseextended module operations
2014-05-21 Anselm Busseadded checking for module availability
2014-05-20 sechtingbug fixes
2014-05-20 sechtingMerge branch 'p/abusse/fw-devel' of git:projects/modsch...
2014-05-20 Anselm Bussefirst step toward dynamic topology creation
2014-05-20 Jens Kriegadded preliminary laod balancer. not working!!!
2014-05-20 sechtingadapted to newest framework version
2014-05-20 Anselm Busseminor bugfix round robin scheduler
2014-05-16 sechtingMerge branch 'p/jkrieg/master' of git:projects/modsched...
2014-05-16 sechtingNo more Linux scheduler, only Framework
2014-05-16 Jens Kriegremoved intel-k1om and intel-mic-k1om.
2014-05-16 Jens Kriegand again...
2014-05-15 Paul HueberMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/p/abusse/fw-devel'
2014-05-15 Paul Hueberadd fw_size_t definition for ecos
2014-05-15 Anselm Bussefirst step to multiple instantiation on modules
2014-05-14 Anselm Bussefix compiler warnings
2014-05-14 Anselm BusseMerge commit '2f2f2f3a77fa6d570e68e7ee8ef7314d46bf0b16...
2014-05-14 Anselm Busseforgotten files
2014-05-14 Jens KriegMerge branch 'p/abusse/fw-devel' of git:projects/modsch...
2014-05-14 Anselm Bussebugfix in round_robin module
2014-05-14 Jens KriegFixed some bugs in framework. FreeBSD boots successfully.
2014-05-14 Anselm Busseimproved debugging support
2014-05-13 Anselm Bussemove fw_task memory release from framework to os
2014-05-13 Anselm Bussefixed debug output for gcc
2014-05-13 Jens KriegMinor changes. Fixed compiler and linker errors in...
2014-05-12 Anselm Busseminor error from last merge
2014-05-12 Anselm BusseMerge commit '5921c9dfb3c974558392f0521100559578b2cfed...
2014-05-12 Anselm Busseadded in and out queues to the framework and adapted...
2014-05-08 Paul Huebermerge with fw-devel
2014-04-30 Jens KriegChanges to publisher subscribe system:
2014-04-29 Anselm BusseMerge commit '41badc9089556c956a9fd8630c421d6550c24260...
2014-04-29 Jens KriegRestored generated linking passages in RR module.
2014-04-25 sechtingLinux is running the rr_module without kvm
2014-04-16 Anselm Bussededicated file for debug routines
2014-04-16 Jens KriegLinux boots with framework, but without global queues.
2014-04-16 Jens KriegMerge branch 'master' of git:projects/modsched/dev...
2014-04-16 Jens KriegAdapted transition names due to changes in scheduling...
2014-04-15 Anselm BusseConsistent state and state change naming.
2014-04-15 Jens KriegMoved core.c and sched.h into framework.
2014-04-14 Jens KriegAdapted global runqueues to the resent changes.
2014-04-11 Jens KriegFinally merged commit ecd77338 and f7977464.
2014-04-10 Jens KriegMinor changes after merging from "minor". Fixed list...
2014-04-10 Jens KriegMerge branch 'p/abusse/fw-devel' of git:projects/modsch...
2014-04-10 Jens KriegRevert "First steps towards SMP. Not running!!!"
2014-04-10 Anselm Busseminor
2014-04-10 Anselm Busseperformance penalty only during debugging
2014-04-10 Anselm Busseunsafe lock implementation!
2014-04-10 Anselm Bussesome fixes in round_robin
2014-04-10 Anselm BusseCommunication must be initialized before every thing...
2014-04-10 Anselm Busseremove obvious merge artifact
2014-04-09 Jens KriegFirst steps towards SMP. Not running!!!
2014-04-09 Anselm Bussegitignore for the framework
2014-04-09 Anselm Busseberros compiles again but not running
2014-04-09 Anselm BusseMerge branch 'p/anton.e/master' into p/abusse/fw-devel
2014-04-08 Anselm Busseprepare idle task integration
2014-04-05 Paul Hueberadd preliminary ecos support
2014-03-07 Anton EisenbraunGlobal process management
2014-03-04 Jens KriegMinor changes:
2014-03-04 Anselm Busseextracted tick devision from round robin module
2014-03-03 Jens KriegChanged fw_queues to fw_info.